Breeding Schedule

Below is our breeding schedule for Spring 2019. The due dates are approximate.


CH J-Nels DH BeBop *B

*Does to be bred to BeBop*

SG Cool Springs Farms TC Elsa 2*M-Due 4/26/19

Cool Springs Farm SZ Rose 7*M-Due 4/7/19

Double Durango Paisley-Due 3/23/19

Warrior Mountain Bliss-Due 3/20/19

Double Durango Foxy-Due 4/2/19

Double Durango Fawn-Due 3/21/19

Double Durango Zena Zoop-Due 4/4/19

Double Durango Better Cheddar-Due 3/23/19

Double Durango Sheza Bazinga-Due 3/22/19

Double Durango Juice 3*M-Due 4/26/19

Double Durango Tybee-Due 3/20/19

Lil’ Mtn Tai Shortcake-Due 3/22/19

Double Durango Reeces Pieces 1*M-Due 3/21/19


CH Gypsy Moon WP Oliver Twist

*Does to be bred to Oliver*

Double AP Six Sigma-Due 3/22/19

JKA Ranch Super Nova-Due 4/9/19

JKA Ranch Solar Eclipse-Due 3/27/19

JKA Ranch Moon Pie-Due 3/21/19

JKA Ranch Solar Flare-Due 3/19/19

Top Hat Farm Q Love Of Money 3*M-Due 4/7/19


Doublegate Remington Steel

*Does to be bred to Remington*

Laurel Haven Indian Paint 1*M-Due 3/21/19

Double Durango Mini-Mouse-Spring 2019

Gypsy Moon SM Tigerlili-Due 3/17/19

Digging Deeper Doe Re Mi Fawn-Due 3/25/19

Double Durango Hazelnut-Due 4/5/19