Nigerian Dwarf Goats – Bucks

Double Durango Kaco Cosmo *B

Chocolate Swiss Marked, Blue Eyes

SIRE – GCH Kaco Yellow Rose Captain S +B ST2015

SS: CH Kaapio Acres Kk Chief Justice

SD: Dill Pickle Bow Lady Godiva

DAM – Double Durango Mocha Moolatte 3*M ST2016

DS: GCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B LA2012 AR2013 ST2013 EEE91

DD: Little Tots Estate Melica 2*M ST2012



Cosmo Baby Picture

Pictures are courtesy of Double Durango Farm

Flat Rocks Ducati

Chamoise and White with Heavy Roaning

Sire: Flat Rocks Expectro Patronum
SS: AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B ST2014
SD: Flat Rock’s Mythril Silver

Dam: Flat Rocks Delta
DS: AGS Flat Rocks Fox Fire +B ST2014
DD: AGS Flat Rocks Tapestry

Ducati has a long line of great milking genetics.

Double Durango Galaxy

Black with white, chocolate moonspots and blue eyes

Sire: Double Durango Captains River
SS: – GCH Kaco Yellow Rose Captain S +B ST2015
SD: Little Tots Estate River
Dam: Double Durango Beach Bum
DS: Rosasharn BB Achilles *B LA2014 LA2013 VVV86
DD: Double Durango Piper

Photos of Sire and Dam

Dam FF udder pictures

Dam, Sire and Udder photos courtesy of Double Durango Farm