Miniature Donkeys – Jennies

Ass-Pirin Acres Miss Hollywood

Light Red Jenny 33″
We love Miss Hollywood’s sweet personality and color!

Sire: Sunset Acres Blaze

Red – 31 3/4 inches

Dam: Arbor Ledge Holly

Gray-Dun – 33 inches

*Miss Hollywood has been bred to Bullet and should be due July, 2018*

BAF FiFi La Fluff

Brown Jennet

DOB 11/28/15
Birth height – 20″

3/1/17 Updated height – 27″

FiFi was born here at our farm to our sweet little BeBop. Her dam is 30″ tall and her sire is 29″ tall so she should be nice and tiny. She loves people and is so adorable!

Sire: BAF Easter Brayer

Light Red – 29 inches

Dam: Wit’s End Be-Bop-A-Loula

Dark Brown/Gray-Dun – 30 inches

Fifi baby picture


Wit’s End Be-Bop-A-Loula


BeBop measures in at only 30″ tall and is a nice stocky Jennet. She is very friendly and passes her wonderful personality onto her foals.

Sire: Sunset Acres Speedway Racer

Dark Brown NLP – 31 1/4 inches

Dam: L.U.A. Lazarus’ Loretta

Gray and White Spotted – 32 1/2 inches

S & C Lilly Bell Ladd


LillyBell was our very first Miniature Donkey. She is such a doll and loves attention. She measures in at 33″ tall.

Sire: TexAss Longears Geppetto

Gray and White Spotted – 32 inches

Dam: S.S. Cinnamon

Gray-Dun – 34 inches

*Lillybell has been bred to Bullet and should be due in September, 2018*